Green Energy: Real Job Creators

Job creator. Never before have four syllables created such rage. It is the buzzword that electrifies millions of Americans. With the recent recession and its anemic recovery, people want to know if they’re ever going to see better days and working hours. The current rhetoric on the right is that job creators can only come from rich people, which is a logical point. A concentration of wealth to “trickle down” to others in exchange for services, driving the economy. Though Paul Krugman begs to differ. As does Mary Ellen Ardouny of AmeriCorps who writes about a youth development program for, wait for it,

Still Waiting For It....

Source: CBS

Still waiting for it…


The Clean Energy Corps is a  program that would make Marshall Eriksen proud. Ardouny claims that more than 400 volunteers have gone to old houses and retrofitted them for energy efficiency and informing inhabitants about how to save energy, which would promote sustainability as well as save them money. Volunteers gain valuable job training and help conserve energy for a sustainable power grid.

This isn’t a new idea by any stretch of the imagination as this kind of corps model originates from FDR’s Civilian Conservation Corps, which helped millions of Americans gain job training and protect natural environments. However, the relevance of the Clean Energy Corps is great in our current demand for both jobs and energy. Volunteers learn marketable job skills in the expanding field of green energy, even ex-convicts looking for a solid second chance. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone looking to learn and maybe a get a job.


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