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The Most Common Reasons for Global Warming Skepticism (And Why They’re Wrong)

I’m always surprised at people who claim that global warming is little more than a liberal conspiracy, despite a worldwide scientific consensus and clear symptoms of rising global temperatures. The data is very clear from Science News. We have a changing climate and extreme heat is occurring more frequently. However, this rarely makes a large dent on climate change deniers’ skepticism. So I’m going to address two key common points that I’ve always heard in defense of their stance.

1. It’s a Conspiracy By Scientists

Why It Sounds Sensible: It’s common for those of a liberal persuasion to work in scientific fields, so isn’t there an element of bias into this consensus against large corporations and big oil?

Why It’s Total Bunk: Scientists around the globe are in agreement. That is a massive consensus measured in at least thousands. People from all over the Earth with different languages, cultures, and interests (many of which not particularly interested in the U.S. dollar value) agree that humans are altering the climate in some way. Scientists tend not to care about the economics of a country and more about the safety of mankind as a whole and their own scientific curiosity. It goes against the very code of ethics that scientists often take up for their lifelong search for truth. If humanity can’t even come together for an effective United Nations, then what makes you think that we can come together on this?

2. It’s Going to Slow the Economy

Why It Sounds Sensible: Oil, coal, and fracking companies create much needed labor jobs for an economically anemic America as well create further energy independence from foreign nations.

Why It’s Total Bunk: The argument is valid to an extent. But it’s often used in a false dilemma: support industry X or continue down an economic and foreign relation trainwreck. However, it’s always either derided or ignored that green energy industries can create jobs and opportunities. Currently, the research into solar, wind, and its kind are rapidly expanding. Even for labor forces that lack scientific training, there are jobs to be had in creating energy-efficient homes and power plants.

This article right here tells us that temperatures are changing and right now, we are experiencing major fallout from it as whole swaths of farmland have been wrecked from the heat. It’s insane to insist that even our very thermometers are lying to us about what is going on in the atmosphere. Climate change deniers, maybe it’s time to start opening your minds a little more. You may want to believe what you believe and change is a hard thing for everybody, but this sort of thing has massive consequences for us all and it’s time to entertain the thought that there may be something wrong with this view.