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Sustainability: Buzzword Extraordinaire

Buzzwords are the highest form of lie. If I talked about Web 2.0, crowdsourcing, and metrics all the time, people might make the mistake of thinking that I know what I’m talking about. Nowadays, anybody can appear to be an expert with a strong wi-fi signal, especially people who write on the internet.

Hi, there.

Sustainability is my word of the day because despite having used it all the time, I realize that I have no idea what it means. Specifically, I have no idea if it means the same thing to me as it does to everybody else. I’ve had a number of responses to what it means that range from vague—

To good old fashioned B.S. I call this guy Steve Holt.

To the nonsensical.

However, I like the word and don’t want to throw anybody off from my use of it. Sustainability has become something of a buzzword. Buzzwords are often used to cover up how little the person knows about the subject. In this case, environmentalism. Environmental poseurs love the crap out of this term and its kin like “biodiversity” or “organically grown” since it gives the appearance of knowledge and wisdom. And that’s all it is in the end. It is appearance. Inside this blog, this word is only going to be used the way words are meant to be used: communication. The means to convey what I think to whomever may be listening, either with their eyes, ears, or whatever Google fixes up in the future.

Sustainability in my little corner of the internet means “responsible natural resource management in the long game” or more simply “live within your means”. The long game is living as a whole species. As it stands right now, there are reports that we’re consuming 50% more resources than the Earth actually has. Essentially, we’re that sorority girl who thinks a credit card is a plastic wand and American Apparel is Hogwarts. It’s not “sustainable”. And as we’ve learned from our recent recession, we can’t take on debts that we can never pay back. In the confines of this blog, sustainability is a buzzword that will transform into a real word with real substance and authenticity that add to a discussion. And that is my mandate for this blog: to be authentic and substantial to the environmental discussion.

Welcome to Embracing Our Environment.